Drive Testing of mobile networks
 Walk Testing of mobile coverage within structures
 DAS In-Building Solutions

Whether you are looking for RF Engineers, Drive Test Technicians or Project Managers, our employees have the superior expertise to help make your next project a success.


  •  Over 1 million Drive Testing miles completed
  •  25+ simultaneous teams working on multiple assignments
  •  PM Office and 24/7 technical support available to field staff
  •  Growing inventory of latest test equipment

Drive Testing Services
Our teams provide reliable and scaling data collection task completion.
 We have a national infrastructure with over 50 test engineers in the field today.
 We meet demands of various scope and size and quickly adjust to meet changing needs.
 We enable our customers to quickly and effectively roll introduce new mobile platforms and technology.


Installation Services
 RF Optimization
 Network KPI Improvement
 End User Improvement
 Daily KPI Monitoring
 Model Tuning
 3G / 4G Wireless Data Optimization
 Logical & Design Parameter Tuning
 CS & PS Feature Tuning

Distributed Antenna System
An in-building wireless (IBW) infrastructure:

  • Enables use of wireless devices, technologies and applications within an enclosed structure.
  • Can be installed in nearly any infrastructure.
  • One of the most efficient, cost-effective and proven solutions for dropped signals.
  • Utilizes the wireless service provider signal from local cell tower and propagate the signal indoors
    via an in-building repeater (BTS) and antennas strategically located throughout the building.
  • Can be designed to support wireless service provider frequencies (3G/4G), public safety and emergency
    requirements, and WLAN applications such as WiFi,asset tracking, RFID, and building automation.